Teen Leadership Training

What is Teen Leadership Training?

“A leader is a person who directs, guides, and influences the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of others to a particular end. Leadership makes a difference. To be effective leaders, we must influence others to think and act, as well as to follow. We must set an example that others “choose” to follow. The secret to eliciting that choice is the very essence of leadership.

The TLT program is designed to challenge and empower the teen Pathfinder with new and increased responsibilities while allowing them the security of doing so in a place they know and love. The TLT experience will assist the Pathfinder teen to form adult-Pathfinder relationships as an expression of their developing identity as teenagers.” – NAD Club Ministries

NAD Resources

Click below to visit the NAD website to find TLT handouts, available courses, training videos and much more.



For TLT’s there are two-weekend training events held each year. First is the TLT Convention held in January. This convention begins the year training TLT’s in their classwork and orients them for the coming few months.

Secondly, TLT’s attend the Pathfinder Leadership Training Convention held in August. Here again, there are classes offered for the TLT’s.


If you have questions and would like to be connected to a mentor, or would be interested in becoming a mentor, please use our Contact Form to connect with our team. 

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