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What is Pathfinders?

The Pathfinder program is a Christian organization for young people grades 5 – 12. Today, there are more than two million Pathfinders worldwide.

At a Pathfinder Club meeting, young people learn skills that help them to become caring leaders within their communities, schools and churches. Skills in household arts, crafts and hobbies, health science, nature, outreach, recreation and vocation are taught.

Though Pathfinders is an organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, one need not be a church member to become a Pathfinder. Youth can feel proud of belonging to a group that encourages and helps them to be the most caring people they can possibly become.

Donate Today!

Pathfinder ministry happens primarily in local church clubs. Your support of a local pathfinder club helps purchase necessary equipment and fund activities for pathfinders in your area. If you want to give, please donate to your local club first. If you are also able to contribute to the conference, we appreciate your help. Conference donations help fund events, like the Pathfinder Fair and Camporee, as well as equipment and staff training. Thank you for your support.

Upcoming Events

NPUC Camporee

Kalispell, MT

September 21-25, 2022

Join Pathfinders from all around the North Pacific Union at next year’s NPUC Camporee. This event runs from Wednesday through Sunday, so it needs a little advance planning. But the location, just outside beautiful Glacier National Park, and the events that camporee staff members are already planning will make it worth the effort to come. See you in Glacier Park!

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